Difference between B2B and B2C Travel Portal Development

Travel is the most booming sector in today’s context. People from around the world are traveling for different purposes. The common reasons for traveling are ‘leisure, family vacation, honeymoon, business, student excursion, and medical aspects’. Online travel solution is increasing every day and so is its demand. But, what can travel agents or companies do to gain an edge over the stiff online competition. The experts recommend opting for white label solution for travel agents. These will give the online website a boost of services and live updates.

Travel Portal development company in DelhiSimple Advantages of White Label:

  1. Air ticket booking instantly with searches for lowest fare
  2. Every second information update on flights, hotel, train, cars, and holiday packages
  3. One platform to book all your travel needs instantly (after comparison amid providers)
  4. Quick booking receipt forwarded to mail and booking confirmation via mail as well as phone

So, these are simple advantages that can make your clients and visitors attract to your website like bees to honey. There are also other features, which will make a great impression for your travel business, and at the same time make your business process simplified. When we talk about whit label, we are actually pointing towards travel portal development. There are two commonly preferred travel portals like ‘B2B and B2C’. Let’s look at the differences between B2B and B2C travel portals.

Major Differential Aspect of B2B and B2C Portals:

  1. Order Sequences: In B2B all transactions will be repeated orders or booking. On the other hand any transactions in B2C are customer specific and may not be repeated. Also B2C orders go the opposite way, in comparison with B2B.
  2. Customer Specific: The travel portal development company in Delhi always lay on emphasis to boost customer satisfaction through portal features. B2C is the best portal that focus on customer needs, requirements, and transactions. The B2B focuses more on business interest of company and interaction of business with other businesses. Therefore, B2B are more complex application based portals.
  3.  Search Functionality: B2C searches are catalog based and specific customer centric. Whereas, B2B search functionality is developed to compliment these catalog based applications and travel necessities.
  4. Link Methodology: The B2B is access through virtual private network, and the access is secured way into the list of fixed business partners. The link methodology is used to connect the numerous trusted partners under B2B application.

So, for more details on white label solution for travel agent or to get any B2B or B2C portal development contacts ‘API Technology’.


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